Are seniors only affected by mental illness?

Mental illness can affect anyone at any age.  Although I am trained across the lifespan, I specialize in adults over 18 years old.


What are some contributing factors to mental illness?

There are two major contributors:

  • Biological factors such as inherited genes and chemical imbalances
  • Environmental factors such as significant life stressors and or trauma.


Is there any hope of recovering from mental illness?

You are not alone; you don’t have to suffer in silence.  Let me help you to break through depression, anxiety, and fears.  People with mental illness can get well, and many may recover.


How can I get help?

Please get in touch with me. My goal is to meet your mental health needs in therapeutic support and medication management.


What is Dr. Thompson’s approach to therapy?

I utilize an evidenced-based holistic approach balancing psychotherapy with a conservative and efficient medication management approach. Because every patient is unique, treatment is individualized and patient-centered. I believe in listening to patients in a non-judgmental, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic atmosphere as the first step to a therapeutic alliance for overcoming personal obstacles for a more fulfilling quality of life.


What can clients expect to take away from a session?

Each session collaborates with patients to develop a plan of care and treatment goals. I ensure that no patient leaves a session without feeling educated about their diagnosis and medications, validated and empowered to start healing.